Alexandre Jardin will be a guest speaker for IODP's 17th international conference

Writer and film-maker Alexandre Jardin is also a very involved citizen.

Being ambidextrous, he can write with one hand while serving citizens with the other.

His first work, “Bille en tête,” was recognized with the Prix du Premier Roman when he was only 20 years old. That same year, in 1986, he obtained a degree from Sciences Po Paris [the Paris Institute of Political Studies]. Many of his novels have been made into films, including “Le Zèbre” (produced by Jean Poiret), which also received the Prix Fémina in 1988, and “Fanfan,” which he produced himself in 1993.

He is a sponsor of numerous associations, and co-founder of Lire et Faire Lire (19,000 retirees helping 650,000 kindergarten and primary-school children from the 100 départements to learn to read every year), and of www.bleublanczè With that action platform, the writer surrounds himself with “Faizeux” (or “Doers): 300 major actors in a positive (and contagious) revolution.

In 2016, he created, a citizens’ movement aimed at giving weight to all those who don’t count to ensure that they do count: the 1+1+1! A movement that does its part to ensure that the French people fix their country themselves. He was also a candidate in the 2017 presidential election, in the name of